Vermont Criminal Records

  • Vermont has 333,873 total people (FBI, 2018).
  • Vermont is the 48th largest state by population.

Court System

In Vermont, there are 5 Divisions, 1 bureau, and 1 court that make up the court system. The 14 counties in Vermont all have Civil Divisions which are trial courts that deal with civil matters and also incorporate Small Claims Courts into each Civil Division. Each of Vermont's counties also has a Criminal Division that deals with cases including criminal matters, and some civil cases like civil suspension, wildlife violations, and appeals from the Judicial Bureau.

  1. The Environmental Division has statewide jurisdiction and hears cases involving land use and natural resources.
  2. The Family Division deals with marriage problems, juvenile cases, and domestic abuse.
  3. The Judicial Bureau has statewide jurisdiction over civil violations including traffic, alcohol, drug, and animal violations.
  4. The Probate Division which handles the probate of wills, adoptions, guardianship, and the settlements of estate.
  5. The Supreme Court hears final decisions made by the state courts and they establish rules for the civil, criminal, family, and appellate procedures.

Crime Statistics for Vermont (FBI, 2018)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 692 48th / 49 (Very Low)
Murder 4 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Rape 0 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Robbery 72 48th / 49 (Very Low)
Aggravated Assault 473 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Property Crime 0 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Burglary 1,043 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Larceny Theft 5,526 49th / 49 (Very Low)
Motor Vehicle Theft 73 49th / 49 (Very Low)