Tennessee Criminal Records

  • Tennessee has 3,858,761 total people (FBI, 2018).
  • Tennessee is the 15th largest state by population.

Court System

  1. The Municipal Courts only handle traffic violations or violations of city ordinances in their respective city.
  2. The Juvenile and Family Courts deal with cases involving younger children under 18 and any family problems that may arise.
  3. The General Sessions Courts hear all civil and criminal cases.
  4. The Circuit Courts hear civil and criminal cases as well as appeals from the Municipal, Juvenile and Family, and General Sessions Courts.
  5. The Chancery Courts handle lawsuits, contract disputes, divorces, adoptions, and name changes and they may also modify the application of strict legal rules.
  6. The Criminal Courts have jurisdiction over criminal cases and can hear misdemeanor appeals from lower courts.
  7. The Probate Courts deal with probate of wills and administration of estates.
  8. The Court of Criminal Appeals hears the trial court appeals in felony and misdemeanor cases.
  9. The Court of Appeals meets monthly to hear appeals in civil cases.
  10. The Supreme Court may accept appeals in civil and criminal cases from lower courts as well as having the power to interpret the laws and constitutions of Tennessee.

Crime Statistics for Tennessee (FBI, 2018)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 35,004 7th / 49 (Very High)
Murder 444 9th / 49 (Very High)
Rape 0 34th / 49 (Low)
Robbery 7,391 8th / 49 (Very High)
Aggravated Assault 24,958 7th / 49 (Very High)
Property Crime 0 32nd / 49 (Low)
Burglary 27,255 10th / 49 (High)
Larceny Theft 113,344 9th / 49 (Very High)
Motor Vehicle Theft 13,295 11th / 49 (High)

Criminal Records in Tennessee

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