Missouri Criminal Records

  • Missouri has 3,768,030 total people (FBI, 2018).
  • Missouri is the 16th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The Circuit Courts in Missouri have original civil and criminal jurisdiction and they include small claims, municipal, and family/juvenile courts.
  • The Juvenile and Family Courts focus on matters specific to family problems like domestic relations and domestic violence and juvenile matters such as delinquency, abuse, or neglect.
  • The Small Claims Court is the people's court and hears cases from the people without having to bring in an attorney.
  • The Municipal Court has original jurisdiction to hear municipal ordinance violations.
  • The Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court and it handles appeals from the Circuit Courts. This court handles all appeals except for those within the range of the Supreme Court's exclusive jurisdiction.
  • The Supreme Court serves Missouri as the final voice in disputes involving the state's constitution and laws. They hear cases involving the validity of the United States statute or the Missouri constitution or statutes as well as cases involving a death penalty or challenges to a statewide elected official's right to hold office.

Crime Statistics for Missouri (FBI, 2018)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 26,141 9th / 49 (Very High)
Murder 502 6th / 49 (Very High)
Rape 0 31st / 49 (Low)
Robbery 5,779 13th / 49 (High)
Aggravated Assault 17,742 8th / 49 (Very High)
Property Crime 0 33rd / 49 (Low)
Burglary 22,045 15th / 49 (High)
Larceny Theft 102,547 12th / 49 (High)
Motor Vehicle Theft 16,599 9th / 49 (Very High)