Kentucky Criminal Records

  • Kentucky has 2,368,663 total people (FBI, 2018).
  • Kentucky is the 25th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The District Court has limited jurisdiction in matters including juvenile matters, city and county ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, probate of wills, felony probably cause hearings, small claims involving $2,500 or less, civil cases involving $5,000 or less and domestic violence/abuse cases.
  • The Family Court deals with cases including child custody and support, dissolution of marriages, domestic violence, termination of parental rights, neglect and abuse, and adoption.
  • The Circuit Court has general jurisdiction in civil matters involving more than $5,000, capital offenses and felonies, land dispute cases, and probate cases.
  • The Court of Appeals reviews cases from lower courts that are appealed to them when a defendant is not satisfied with the outcome of the trial. Only the record of the original court trial is reviewed, not the entire case.
  • The Supreme Court is the final interpreter of state law. The judges hear appeals of decisions from the lower courts and they are responsible for establishing rules of practice and procedures for the Kentucky Court of Justice System.

Crime Statistics for Kentucky (FBI, 2018)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 8,109 30th / 49 (Low)
Murder 185 22nd / 49 (Moderate)
Rape 0 47th / 49 (Very Low)
Robbery 2,748 26th / 49 (Moderate)
Aggravated Assault 4,240 32nd / 49 (Low)
Property Crime 0 7th / 49 (Very High)
Burglary 14,261 24th / 49 (Moderate)
Larceny Theft 54,552 25th / 49 (Moderate)
Motor Vehicle Theft 8,023 23rd / 49 (Moderate)