Indiana Criminal Records

  • Indiana has 3,407,524 total people (FBI, 2018).
  • Indiana is the 19th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The City/Town Courts handle traffic matters, violations of city ordinances, misdemeanors, and infractions.
  • The Circuit Courts have unlimited trial jurisdiction in all cases, except when exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction is conferred upon the other courts.
  • The Superior Courts are a trial court with general jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases.
  • The Tax Court has exclusive jurisdiction over any case that arises under the Indiana tax laws. They hear appeals from Department of Local Government Finance and from the courts of probate jurisdiction.
  • The Court of Appeals hears appeals from the state's trial courts, but does not deal with cases with a death penalty or cases in which statutes are declared unconstitutional.
  • The Supreme Court reviews the decisions of the Court of Appeals and the Tax Court, but may review other cases from different lower courts as well. The court has mandatory jurisdiction over appeals where a person received a death sentence or life imprisonment or in appeals where statutes are declared unconstitutional in a case.

Crime Statistics for Indiana (FBI, 2018)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 19,528 13th / 49 (High)
Murder 334 13th / 49 (High)
Rape 0 37th / 49 (Low)
Robbery 5,762 14th / 49 (High)
Aggravated Assault 13,129 13th / 49 (High)
Property Crime 0 37th / 49 (Low)
Burglary 20,340 16th / 49 (High)
Larceny Theft 80,269 17th / 49 (High)
Motor Vehicle Theft 10,614 16th / 49 (High)