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Crimfinder.com allows any visitor to contact us and request their information not be shared through the search results or to third parties. To opt-out, please complete the form below with your full name, email address, street address, state, city, ZIP code and phone number. This information is necessary to ensure we process the correct record(s). Please send opt-out requests for each record that you would like to opt-out. If you find multiple records with different information for a single individual, you will need to submit an opt-out request for each of those records. Please note that opting out on Crimfinder.com will remove your records from our public search, however your information may still be visible on simialr sites. Also note that your results page may have been indexed by a search engine. Our team actively works to ensure that optout requests are de-indexed on search engines however it is possible that this process may take more than 5-7 days and it outside of our control, you may need to contact the search engine customer suppor team directly. Thank you for your cooperation!