Find Criminals | CrimFinders's Free Public Record Search

What do I get with CrimFinders's Public Record Search?

CrimFinder provides an in-depth criminal and arrest profile for your search, giving you a clear look at their criminal background. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Address, county and court.
  • Mugshot.
  • Offense Description, category, date and type.
  • Case Number.
  • Aliases.
  • Characteristics including sex, height, age, weight, scars, eye color, hair color and more.

How do I find out if someone has a criminal record?

Simply search their name in the search bar above and CrimFinder will search the billions of public records contained in our database, searching for the exact match to your query. Any potential matches will be shown to you on the results page. However, because our database is so large, it may be necessary to include the state and city of your search target.

When is it smart to perform a criminal background check on someone?

Anytime you plan on meeting with someone relatively unknown, it would be wise to check their background for any obvious red flags. For example, you probably wouldn't want to date someone with a history of sexual assault, so looking up someone's criminal records before a Tinder date is a good idea. And before meeting up with a buyer/seller from OfferUp of Craigslist, you should run a background check and see if they have a history of theft.

Why should I use CrimFinder's public record search over others?

Unlike most public search services, CrimFinder gives you up-to-date public records completely free of charge, with mugshots included. Whether you're looking up a neighbor, a tinder date, or even running a quick background check on yourself, our public record search is 100% free. We also allow for other search options, such as searching by state.

Do I need permission to run a background check on someone?

No, CrimFinder is a free and publicly available criminal search website meaning that you do not need any qualifications or clearance to see someone’s criminal history. In general, any background checks done in a personal setting (i.e. checking a neighbor, date, babysitter, politician, etc.) does not require active consent, and is precisely what CrimFinder offers.